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Everyone with a product or service to sell wants to boost profits. Every business owner wants their name to be in front of their clientele, especially their potential clientele. Advertising dollars really can be made to reach even more potential customers and, your everyday mail becomes an ongoing advertising campaign.

Good Things Come In Small Sizes!
Historically speaking, stamps have been one of the greatest advertising mediums ever invented. More specifically, Poster Stamps (although today these little gems are called by a variety of names: advertising stamps, Cinderella stamps, faux postage stamps are just a few of the monikers used -- we refer to them more modernistically as Artistamps). But it's no matter what they are called, they still grab attention. In some cases, they are treasured by collectors of rare things around the world. Just think how nice it could be that your next, innovative promotional effort should become valuable and in demand by future generations.

Learn How To Promote You & Your Products In New Markets...
Whether you're a visual artist, a retailer, an inventor with a new product looking for that attention grabbing promotion for your club or professional organization; or, a politician with a platform. We describe to you how you can turn your everyday mail into an advertising medium that reaches potential clients in places your current advertising efforts might be missing. The possibilities are endless -- and so is your income potential.

A Thought Provoking Education In Just A Few Hours of Reading
The Olathe Poste practices what we preach. This image of our 2004 promotional artistamp is but one of many we use daily, on every piece of mail we send out.This article is not a bunch of wild promises, nor is it a whizbang get-rich-scheme. It's merely a gathering of many concepts that have been employed one way or another over many years. By applying some practical logic, experience, and thinking from "outside the box," these not-neccessarily-associated concepts have been melded into a new scope. Very possibly, it may change your own attitude about marketing yourself and your products for the rest of your life.

A self-addressed, stamped envelope (2oz. First Class Postage required) and $5 is the first step in acquiring this education of concepts and successful marketing skills. Again, this is all based on historical facts, and firsthand knowledge through experience that took over 30 years to come to fruition. You can read it in one evening and begin applying the information immediately to your own promotions; your own art; your own products. Included are informative illustrations and a listing of resources to assist you in gaining more information for developing your own plan of success.

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