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Put Artistamps To Work For You!
Artistamps make great fundraising projects too! Photograph & stamp 2004 Edward GaffeyFor over 160 years, Artistamps (also known as Cinderella stamps, Poster stamps, or simply Artist Stamps) have been a highly successful way to advertise.  In a nutshell, artistamps are just like postage stamps in size, shape, and quality.  But they do not provide any services from governmental postal authorities. However, they carry just as much impact for the purpose of advertising. Whether that advertising 'message' is a representation of a product, a work of art, or even a portrait of you. Plus, the advertisement can go anywhere that a piece of mail goes ~ to any country, any business, any individual.

Just like their postal counterparts, artistamps say something about the artist or business that uses them, aside from what may be actually printed on the stamp.  Diverse thinking and unique marketing are but two messages conveyed by promoting you or your business on a stamp.


  • Artists, Sculptors and Photographers can promote new or favorite works not only on the envelopes that bear the stamps traveling through the mails, but think about carrying a portfolio of your works in a shirt pocket.
  • Business - 'Mom & Pop' small businesses as well as corporations benefit by promoting products and services. There's virtually no product that has not been on an advertising stamp. Well, except maybe your product hasn't yet...
  • Personal Stamps - Weddings, birthdays, a new child, anniversaries or just about any milestone in your life that's cause for celebration is plenty of reason to create a personal artistamp to share with family and friends.

Create your own marketing plan with Artistamps!

Unique as mementos,
keepsakes for the
recipents, and valuable
collectables in the future.



There's plenty of uses for artistamps...
  • Personal Correspondence...   and not just the envelope either. Artistamps are a great way to jazz up the letter inside, too.
  • Special Promotions... everything from promoting that new book to exhibits and events...
  • Old Photographs - New Fun
  • Inaugurations
  • Invitations
  • Fundraisers
  • New Ideas
  • Identify Personnel - automobile dealerships or similar organizations can benefit in a number of ways, such as a client associating a name with a face.
  • Direct Mailing - Reap 1st Class mail results at Bulk Mail rates using stamps on direct mail!

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