Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Stamps + Kids = A hobby for a lifetime of enjoyment
As a stamp collector, a parent (even a grandparent), and as a big kid at heart, it has been a common concern around The Olathe Poste for years to do things FOR kids and WITH kids.  Things that are fun and that involve stamps.

In our unique position that allows us to be able to talk with other collectors around the globe, we find that there is a very common concern among clubs and individuals alike. That being the concern to keep the hobby of stamp collecting alive and well for future generations to come.

Each and every one of us, simply as humans, are quite naturally proud of our individual accomplishments in life. Remember those moments in your life that you've had the chance to witness a child of any age, beaming from head-to-toe with jubilant pride and innocent delight. While pointing at something with the very simple words: "I made that!"

Well, now you know why The Olathe Poste trys our best to help kids have fun with stamps: collecting stamps, collecting postmarks, creating their own albums and covers, and having fun creating their own art to be used on stamps.

As one big kid to another...
We're here to help YOU help the hobby and to assist you in making the opportunity possible to experience some young, very happy faces of your own.

Kids + Coloring = Really FUN Stamps!
Attention Educators, Church Group Leaders, Youth Activity Leaders . . .
Whether you are already involved with stamps and kids or not, we have a number of fun products and related projects that are to help kids today:

  • The International Local Post - A fun program for kids and adults to play post office together, but for real and to a scale that is global by design. Fun at home, at school, for clubs, for a lifetime!
  • Kids' Stamp Program for Clubs - You provide the kids, have some fun, and assure a successful (and hassle-free) project for your next club fund-raiser.
  • Books and activity books -  fun for the whole family, as a quiet time personal project, or even for group activities.


The Olathe Poste
Helping Kids Learn Through Stamps

Learn about the International Local Post and how it's great fun for kids of ALL ages!

Helping Kids Learn
Through Stamps

Learn more about the International Local Post

You'd never have dreamed that playing Post Office could be so much FUN!


  American Philatelic Society

  • The Olathe Poste is a proud member of the American Philatelic Society. The APS also has a variety of support functions targeted towards involving children with collecting stamps. We applaud and support their fine efforts!


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