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Artistamps Mark Special Events
There's a first time worth celebrating for everyone and artistamps allow those special occasions to be shared with many far and wide.


Self-portrait with first born child: Shiela Danielle - 1979 W. C. `Bill` Porter

First Portrait with Sis...

`Sisters` - 2004 W. C. `Bill` Porter

First hunt...

Cooper Rogers' first successful coyote hunt commemorative artistamp.

(Top left) No one was more proud in being a father for the first time than I. On my daughter's 6 month old birthday, I carried her into the photography studio and shot this self portrait. It was Shiela's first formal portrait - with Dad or otherwise. And there's little doubt about the family resemblance (poor child). But over these last 20-plus years, I have lost the negative and been worried about losing the one and only 5x7 B&W photograph. Which has been up against glass (I know better than to do this to any photo) in a junky frame for all these years. So to mark my 50th birthday in 2003 - a once-in-a-lifetime event - an artistamp was in order to commemorate both occaisions. And to preserve an old photographic image for future generations.

During the summer of 2004 at a local event, a friend asked if we would photograph her two daughters (top of page), since they were all dressed up and they had never had their portraits made together. So we were honored to make hasty preparations for a memorable portrait of the girls, to be cherished on an artistamp for family and friends.

A friend from my hometown sent a photograph of his son, Cooper, grinning from ear-to-ear (top right) taken immediately following their first, successful father-and-son hunting trip. The Olathe Poste made stamps as a surprise Christmas gift for Cooper. Besides being able to share his special moment with current friends, Dad framed a sheet for safe-keeping, which will serve for many great memories when Cooper plans a hunt with his son in the future.


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