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Inverted Jenny Airmail

Famous Inverted Jenny Replica artistamp by The Martin Mint Company - Pinhole perforated by The Olathe Poste
Pin-hole perforated by
to authentic 1918 Standards


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The Martin Mint Company Reproduces History...

Not too many of us can always afford to own the real thing. To purchase a real, 1918 24 (Scott #C3a) "Jenny Invert" Airmail postage stamp, you could be talking somewhere near a quarter of a million dollars.

The Martin Mint Company has, through a myriad of technical formalities, recreated in brilliant detail the most famous -and expensive- printer's mistake in US Postal history. In 1:1 full scale and in full sheets!

But how do these replicas of the most desired item in philatelic history relate to artistamps?

The answer, although not so simple, can be condensed to this: Great attention to detail and the utmost care go into the making of these faux postage stamps. The Martin Mint Company, as well as The Olathe Poste, who perforate the Jenny Inverts, take their crafts very seriously to produce nothing but the finest stamps as the end result. While Vincent vanGogh may have become a famous artist by throwing paints upon a canvas in a seemingly random process. Most other artists do not. They put their hearts and souls into the techniques they employ to create their works of art by.


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