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The Olathe Poste proudly takes a stand for God & for Counrty - In God We Trust artistamps adorn our daily mailings.For God & For Country!

Throughout the year 2004, The Olathe Poste witnessed an alarming amount of artistamps bearing highly negative imagery and verbal messages that were being produced by independant stamp artists. The stamps ranged from flipping 'the bird' to America in general, to anti-American politics following the November elections, to anti-anything that seemingly had to do with our Country in general and especially the fight against terrorism. An unsettling amount of these stamps were even being released predominantly during the month of December and the Christmas season.

Well, enough was enough! Besides the fact that our own Nation's USPS -- more specifically the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee -- has repeatedly refused to listen to the desires of the American public to make certain topics of generic interest the subject of US postage stamps. And patriotism with any more bite to it than an American Flag is seemingly too much to ask of the CSAC. The Olathe Poste decided that we would take a positive stand against the whiners, complainers, and any others in-or-outside the US who seem to think that America is not the greatest Country on this planet and, who seem to have forgotten the hows and whys that America is the greatest Nation on earth. But more specifically, while everyone else seems to belittle this fact, America's strength comes from only one place -- it's rock-solid foundation. A heritage built around one premise, which besides being our National Creed, the phrase "In God We Trust" has also been taking a severe beating for far too long.

So, this opportunity to accomplish several purposes with one stamp sheet issue seemed the obvious thing, and the right thing, to do. Besides, it gave us the opportunity to do something with a few scenic photographs from the archives.

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis,
maintain their neutrality."

Dante ~ 1265-1321


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