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Follow-up with artistamps?

Example image of artistamp used in sales follow-up
Personalized follow-up mailings using the salesman's name and face on an artistamp keeps customers coming back. Customers know  who to ask for!

Yes indeed!

Capitalize on new relationships. A telephone call, catalog request, or any first contact by a prospective customer is the best time to make sure that just don't discover you. You want them to remember you.

Plus, even when prospects turn into hard sales on the first encounter, you'll still want to follow-up, to keep that new customer coming back for repeat sales.

Using artistamps on your follow-up direct mailings can greatly increase the effectiveness.

  1. Your mail piece stands out from the rest at the inbox.
  2. They recognize a familiar face (and possibly a name to go with it).
  3. Your message get's past the gatekeeper and to your customer.
  4. Potentially, the customer may keep the mail as a memento and show it off to friends.

Artistamps for follow-up in the highly compentitive auto sales market will make a difference. Besides reminding prospective car buyers of who they spoke with at the dealership, and who to ask for when they return. An artistamp with a recognized, friendly face on the follow-up mailing also differentiates one salesman from another when the sales person's names are the same.

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