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Time is critical; what can I do?

A smiling face is always a great way to greet a stranger. Portrait of L.R. Hunt, CEO 2005 W. C. "Bill" Porter

Deadlines are critical to all of us in business.

If you've seen very many of our examples so far, your head is swimming with ideas and you're probably saying things like:

  • I've got 400 products in my catalog, I can't afford to make a stamp for every one of them!


  • I don't have time to decide on just one item plus find a commercial photographer!

Here's just a few suggestions on what you can do to get positive results using artistamps on your direct mail as quickly as possible.

  • Key in on key personnel
    Usually, a smiling face is a great way to greet any stranger
    (Maybe your smiling face is the prettiest one in the company!)
  • Everyone has a favorite photo of themselves. If not, digital cameras can provide the necessary digital file to expedite our printing your stamps. A quick and easy solution for you.
  • Allow us to do the design work for you. We've been designing stamps for quite awhile. Let our experience work to help you beat that deadline too.


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