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Can I jumpstart a Direct Mail campaign?

Photograph & stamp 1998/2005 W. C. "Bill" Porter

  • Did You Know? Modifying one of our "ready-made" artistamp designs can still achieve a cost as low as 6 per stamp!
Yes you can!

Customers desiring to get started right away with a cost-saving direct mail campaign for their business, can look to The Olathe Poste for supplying stamp images and designs that are "ready-made."

We have over 34 years of photographic images in our own archives. We also have full studio photography capabilities in-house, a variety of conventional film and digital cameras, and very active "trigger fingers" for those camera shutters. (Not to mention that we love a challenge as well.)

We have purchased the reproduction rights to literally hundreds of thousands of other graphic images. And, we work with a good number of independant photographers and artists. Chances are that we have something that will work for you right away.

You need not worry about lack of time or resources when it comes to finding an image for an artistamp to give a First Class appearance to a bulk rate mailing. Or trying to contact others to negotiate and purchase the rights to use them. This is just one of the services that we can provide for you.

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