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Can my art be used as a return address label?

Example Return Address Label also gives a visual example of the artists' photography skills, and a message promoting photography as art in a noticable, although humorous, placement.


Yes it can!

Return address labels featuring the artists' works can be just as effective and, they are very practicle, for obvious reasons. Personalized return address labels also allow you more flexibility to show off more of your work on the same envelope or postcard too.

Although we do not show sample design sheets in either the Order Stamps section of our web site or, in the ordering section of Shop WCP-NM.COM Online, The Olathe Poste will design and print very unique and attractive return address labels for artists, as can be witnessed here in the examples. Sheet quantities and pricing options are identical.

Depending on the image used, which ultimately dictates how a label may be sized, we try to follow certain size and layout standards which will yield approximately 30 labels per sheet. Return address labels featuring your art then, are made to the same exacting standards as are all of the artistamps produced by The Olathe Poste, including real pin-hole perforations, for easy storage of full sheets, easy separation of stamps/labels from the sheets, and of course, the labels are easily applied by activating the dry-gummed adhesive.


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