Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

What's the best way for me to send you my image files?

The Olathe Poste `Definitive` Poster Stamp - 2004 W. C. "Bill" Porter

We can accept your image files on diskette, CD-ROM, by email, or you may upload them to The Olathe Poste.

But to fully answer the question, the best way to send us your electronic image files is to upload them to us by FTP (file transfer protocol).

As a service to our customers, we offer you the ability to safely transfer your files directly from your computer to our web site via FTP. The advantage here is that FTP avoids possible file corruption that can occur to an "unprotected" file that is emailed. But there are a couple of things you'll need first...

  • You must contact The Olathe Poste to obtain a username and password to access our FTP file transfer area. Just use our "Contact Us" form, or telephone customer service.
  • You will also need FTP client software to transfer your files:
    We like CuteFTP for PC's
    Here's a Mac version of CuteFTP




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