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Artistamps: Poster Stamps...

...artistamps that promote a special event such as an exhibit, the World's Fair or even a short-lived political platform for example; as well as to promote business in general and specific products have been traditionally classified as Poster Stamps. The term results from a historical advertising fact: posters (placards and similar signage) were a primary form of "getting the word out" to many. This practice still holds true today. (Just take a look at your nearby electric poles for some remnants of this type of "announcement" advertising.)

Originally, Poster Stamps were simply miniature reproductions of the large, actual ad posters. Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, posters were very artistically prepared. Artists specialized in artistic imagery just for the purpose of adorning an advertisment that would be displayed in a window or the side of a building. Since the time (about 1845) that Poster Stamps started advertising things on correspondence, virtually no type of business or product, has not been represented in the form of a stamp. Today, artistic stamps (artistamps) purely for promotional purposes are still designed and successfully employed.

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