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Artistic poster stamp heralds the photographic fine art of Edward Gaffey.
Photographic Fine Art Photographer
Edward Gaffey's 2004 Poster Stamp

Image: Reproduced from original 4" x 5" black & white negative and 16" x 20" digital enlargement.
Photograph 2003 Edward Gaffey
Stamp Designer: W. C. "Bill" Porter
Stamp Production: The Olathe Poste
Stamp Dimensions: 1-5/8" x 1-3/8" (41.3 x 34.9mm)


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Orchid Stamp

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2005 by Edward Gaffey

Being someone who is a real nit-picker has a lot of drawbacks. Expensive drawbacks.

Thinking that no one can give you exactly what you want, leading you to think that you’d better do it yourself, can cost a great deal of time. Time which may be better spent creating artwork. This all came to me as I started yet another project – a project to get more of my artwork viewed by more people in a much larger scope than my immediate neighborhood.

Artist stamps. Tiny works of art. More importantly, my art. I want them accurate and looking like stamps. I did not want to invest in more software, printers, and definitely not a perforator. Much less having a supply of gummed paper to inventory. I am a photographer and that is what I want to do. I do not need more expenses and less time to produce my artwork.

There comes a time when you have to quit wasting time and money trying to do something yourself, only to achieve marginal results.


"There comes a time when you have to quit wasting time and money trying to do something yourself, only to achieve marginal results."

For less money than it costs to produce a single framed photograph, I can hire a professional stamp production company to design, setup, print and pinhole-perforate miniature reproductions of my works. Allowing me to concentrate on producing the originals and have a month’s worth of advertising that will be mailed to all parts of the world. As all mailings which leave our offices are adorned with our artwork. Showing some of the many styles of photography that we produce. And the response has been very good.

Working smarter with less expenses add up to bigger profits. Getting the quality I expect for these miniature reproductions of my art, obviously allows me more time to produce. A winning combination in business that is self-sustaining and I feel that it’s a decision I am dollars ahead for.

Ed Gaffey is owner and operator of Western Exposures Photography – as a customer of The Olathe Poste, his photographic works, now being reproduced as artistamps are gaining popularity globally. Address correspondence to him at: 62880 W. LaSalle Rd. #153; Montrose, CO 81401 USA.


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