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Why I Became A Stamp Artist            -         2004 by Arlyn Macdonald
Stamp Art - what a unique concept! I paint a bit and dabble in other creative art forms, but art the size of a postage stamp? I mean some of us have to put on eye glasses to even see the darn things. And where do you find such a tiny paint brush to paint the details?

These are some of the thoughts that went through my mind when my friend, Bill Porter, first introduced me to artistamps. With a degree in Community Arts Management I thought I had seen all the art forms the world had to offer. I guess I missed art on stamps. I do admire the postage stamps that change with the seasons, but I never thought that some artist somewhere was actually creating art for tiny stamp canvasses.

But that is not what sparked my interest in artistamps. What caused me to sit up and take notice is the creativity involved and the ability to share such creativity worldwide. Why I can share my artistic expressions by mailing my stamps to friends and family, to strangers, to bill collectors, to politicians, to other artists, and to other artistamp collectors. Any art image I have created or will create can be turned into a stamp through that wonderful invention - the computer. And I can print them on perforated paper so they look like real stamps! My art can go all over the world. And who knows, it may be valuable some day.

But the best part in making art stamps is that it is FUN. Whether you are a serious artist or not, just looking at your art on the tiny canvas of a stamp makes you smile. And you get to enjoy the work of a broad range of artists. It's better than going to an art exhibit.

I must confess that I'm still working on my very first artistamp. Can't get the blankety-blank computer program to set the spacing right so I can get the sheets perforated. But I shall prevail and my first Critter stamp will be ready to start sending off on envelopes by the end of the month.

I think I'll send the first stamped envelope to Bill Porter. Thanks, Bill, for introducing me to a serious art form that is not only creative and expansive, but also fun!


Editor's Note: Aryln's article appeared in Artistamp Artifacts just about the time she and her husband were moving into a new house. Which aggrivated her situation of having sufficient time for her to print her own stamp. The Olathe Poste assisted her somewhat, by producing her first stamp for her. The "Critter" stamp was a reproduction of a 16" x 20" pastel that Arlyn created as a gift for one of her grand-daughters. The framed pastel art work also won First Prize for Aryln, in the Montrose (Colorado) Art Guild's 2004 Annual Art Show (Intermediate Division).

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