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Variety, as they say, is the Spice of Life!
No matter where your current interests in stamp collecting may be, there's always something new to be learned through stamps. Expanding your collection to include philatelic alternatives (Artistamps, poster stamps, local post, or other varieties of Cinderella stamps) may be much more fun than you ever imagined.

Philatelic alternatives are not only just as much fun as collecting real postage stamps, they're an even better way to introduce youngsters to the hobby of collecting -- in a much more casual way. Yet they are just as rewarding educationally and in every other aspect as well.

Philatelic alternative stamps, produced in much smaller quantities than any postal counterpart, can be quite rare in a short time period. Thus becoming more difficult to obtain and equally as valuable over time. In most cases, unless you happen to be at the right place, searching through just the right bin, you may not even know that a perfect addition to your collection even exists!

Sign up now to have our highly collectible stamps and covers sent directly by mail for you to inspect before you buy. All of the stamps you receive will be new, Mint condition, never hinged (M-NH), with full gum. [All of the stamps that we manufacture are printed on real dry-gummed papers (moisture activated and fully soakable) of the highest archival quality and pH neutral, to last many lifetimes from collector to collector.]

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Inspect the stamps (and any other related items that are sent on approval) for up to ten days. You are only obligated to pay for those that you decide to keep, returning the unwanted items along with your payment within ten days of receiving them, plus return postage.

Take a moment right now to fill out the Philatelic Alternative Application form and mail it to us at your earliest convenience. Your collection, or that of a loved one, will thank you for it.

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A great way to interest youngsters in philately by keeping it FUN!
Philatelic Alternative stamps are a great way to Keep Philately Phun and to pique the interests of youngsters in collecting stamps. Thusly, keeping the hobby alive for future generations to come!

Watercolor `Chama To Antonito` by Dale Russell Smith on stamp.

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