Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Collect Our Postmarks ...
Collecting postmarks a GREAT way to get children started in the fun hobby of stamp collecting!

Collecting the postmarks of The Olathe Poste is great fun, too!

Why? Because we firmly believe that mail should be as pretty to look at, when it arrives, as it is fun to receive. Being somewhat traditionalists at heart, we also believe that traditional postmarks, versus modern day sprayed-ons, are much more pleasing to the eye.

Not to overlook the original intent of postmarks, either. Yes, a postmark's primary purpose in life is to deface a postage stamp so that it cannot be re-used (the USPS and other postal authorities refer to this as "revenue protection").

But the next most important purpose of a postmark was to document where a piece of mail entered into the world's mail stream. Along with the date that the mail piece began it's journey from sender to recipient. Today, however, the high speed automated equipment that cancels mail ala sophisticated ink-jet only gets applied to mail in large mail processing centers. Conglomerating mail from wide areas of a state or region to be postmarked in a large metropolitan location, far away from where it was mailed. Hence, losing the local personality and name of the town where it actually came from.

Personally, we're proud of our little town and would like more people to know that Olathe, Colorado is a real place. With real people. Not to somehow meet with extinction postally or, to be confused as a suburb of the town where our mail would otherwise be sent for postmarking, some sixty miles away.

Mailer's Postmark Permit
In order to accomplish our goal of keeping Olathe postally "alive," we long ago decided to cancel our own mail. Another fun thing to do and which anyone living in the U.S. can also do, whether you're a collector or not. All that's required is a Mailer's Postmark Permit from the USPS and you may cancel your own mail. But more on that in a moment.

What to look for...
First of all, our postmarks are all from Olathe, Colorado. Our Mailer's Postmark Permit is number "001." These MPP cancellations will be found on cards, letters and packages that we have mailed from here via First Class Mail®.

Like any other postal authority, we also use a variety of postmark designs to keep things lively throughout the year. Some are pictorial cancels that coincide with seasonal holidays, some contain philatelic slogans, and some are just for the fun of being different. Currently, we have over 60 postmarks that we use for our daily mailing duties. Obviously for some, a challenging collecting project of it's own. One can only ask themselves... "can I collect them all?"

Get Started Right Now . . . Collect Olathe!
To help you collect our postmarks, we've prepared some documents to assist you in organizing your own Olathe, Colorado collection. Download these free files, print and use them as album pages or simply as a checklist for getting your own collection started - or completed.

How to...
There are a variety of ways to obtain our Olathe, Colorado postmarks. One way is to simply become one of our customers. That will pretty much garantee one or two pieces of mail from us bearing one of our postal cancels. Some of our covers can be found on Ebay or other auction sites, such as StampWants (now BidStart). Check here for possible covers bearing our postmarks.

As mentioned above, to learn more about how you can obtain a Mailer's Postmark Permit for cancelling your own mail, follow this link for More Information About Collecting Postmarks.

Happy Collecting!



Please Note: Some First Day of Use or other covers with certain postmarks may still be available.  Please check with us for availability and pricing.

Collecting stamps and postmarks is FUN for the whole family!

Not sure how to start a postmark collection?
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